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Unknown-Amnesia's Profile Picture
My warrior cat OC's need love.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Caitlyn/Female/Bisexual/Taken by an adorable bunolf named Raven and Kali, the bundron.

Yes I am a furry.

Underfell sans is my baby. He is my child that I must protect. In other words, I love underfell sans!

Favorite deviants:

My birthday badge

I am in a poly relationship with my girlfriend Kali and boyfriend Raven.

FREE AV Rose Red by Sophibelle Steampunk Chain Divider #3 by Gasara FREE AV Rose Red by Sophibelle

Certified Polyamory Stamp by lovemystarfire

Certified Bisexual Stamp by lovemystarfire

My bae: Accidental-Strix
BFF: Shameless-Serenity
YouTube channel:…
Live sub count:…
Instagram: rave_galaxy
ID picture-
I have: Thalassophobia and tokophobia

I like septiplier, warrior cats, hollywood undead, my chemical romance, my little pony, paramore, pierce the veil, black veil brides, panic! at the disco, fall out boy, twenty one pilots, lapidot, equal rights, muse, System of a down, evil things, and a ton of other shit i can't name at this current moment. But there, I do not dislike many things so yeah.

Stamp time!

121 by gur0H [Svtfoe] Fire Safety - Stamp by Dolcinea
<img width="99" height="56" alt="I'm into DDLG- Pink by LittleGirlLulu" src="…" data-src="…" srcset="…


SquidUrchin Hypokits
Hypobabies between SquidNose and UrchinWhisker! <3

SquidNose- MapleSyruq 
UrchinWhisker- Me

Name: SharkKit
Gender: Male
Main personality traits: Aggressive, ambitious, Sharp-tongued, loyal. 

Name: ViperKit
Gender: Female
Main personality traits: Determined, smart, honest, friendly. 

Name: ShellKit
Gender: Female
Main personality traits: Calm, caring, optimistic.

Gender: Male 
Main personality traits: Quiet, laidback, social butterfly, kind.

Can I just say how much I love these two? Also! Look at that background and shading! I think I'm improving! Slowly, but surely! I love these lil dorks!
These two are honestly amazing? Like??? I love them so much! <3

VineThistle belongs to- Queensmii 
And I own EagleHeart <3 

So, a new pair of StoneClan mates! Eee! I hope people love this ship as much as I do! <3

Dorky story:

“Yes, Eagleheart? Is it something bad? Wait, don’t tell me. Do I have something on my pelt?” She started to circle around to look at her back and tail, checking to see if she had something there before glancing back at the tom. EagleHeart gulped a small bit as he curled his tail close to him his eyes fixed on the river as he slowly gathered his thoughts. He perked his ears at her words. "No no! You're pelt looks beautiful. It's fine!" He chuckled and sighed calmly. "Haha. Calm down Viney. I just wanttteddd... toooo sayyy." His gaze fell upon there surroundings. He seemed to be avoiding eye contact with the she-cat. What was he hiding. "You know how we hang out and stuff? Looking at... stars... and talking and hunting and exploring.... right?" 
He waited for the she cat to respond for a bit as he felt his gaze fall to the ground and he looked at her paws. His large fluffu coat seemed to fluff out more as he coughed. "And you know how I like tallking to you and stuff?" He sighed as he felt completely embarrassed.
"You remember a she-cat named StormWake?" He asked quietly.
"She was the only other cat I talked to until I bumped into you. And. I was missing something in my life. I never got the chance to tell her what I'm about to tell you. I was too late. I stalled too long and I don't want to make that mistake twice." The tom felt his eyes look at hers. His gaze was soft but he looked flustered. 
"I- I think I like you!" He said quickly cloaing his eyes shut tight.
    VineThistle listened to the tom, slowly stepping forward out worry and curiosity. Her mind always got the better of her so when people told her they wanted to talk, she automatically assumed they had to say bad news. Her ears perked a little as she stood there, her tail tucking in behind her legs. She kept on nodding her head to all his questions frantically, her fur standing a tad on end. Then she tipped her head at the mention of Stormwake. She'd known who she was, but had never gotten around to talking to the she-cat. She seemed nice enough. Wait. She suddenly connected the dots in her mind. Had EagleHeart.. been in love with her? That would've made since. A sudden wave of grief washed over her. Oh poor EagleHeart.. that must've been terrible. How could she of not noticed this until now? 
Then her eyes opened wider as the tom went on, her gaze unblinking and in shock. Like? Her? Her cheeks turned red instantly and she seemed so in shock, that no words came out of her mouth. VineThistle had known she liked EagleHeart.. but she never thought those feelings would be returned. It had happened to her in the past, so maybe that's why she'd been assuming things? But- then she realized she was sitting there like a mouse-brain. "O-oh- my-" She put a paw over her muzzle before debating on what to say or do. When she couldn't find any words she pathetically leaned forward, hiding her face in the toms chest.
"I-I like you too, EagleHeart." She stated out quietly, knowing she probably looked like a love-struck apprentice. But she didn't know what to say and she was sure EagleHeart could defiantly hear her heart beat!
EagleHeart gulped as the tips of his ears and his face seemed to burn very heavily at her response. He wasn't sure what to say at this point. He never had to do this before. He froze in place and jumped only slightly as she she cat leaned his way. His heart began to beat at a quicker pace as he looked at her. His large golden eyes focused on only the situation at hand. He felt as if the rest of the world didn't exist and his expression went from shocked to very soft. He didn't say anything and nuzzled VineThistle silently. He didn't want to make the mistake of losing someone he cared about ever again and would make sure to definitely not lose VineThistle. That was a given. His very fluffy chest fur hid the she-cats face and that almost made him giggle. He took a deep breath and licked her forehead affectionately before mustering the courage to say anything to her.
"I-I..." He took another deep breath. "I-I-I really like you." He swished his tail from side to side softly as he listened to her. The more he said it the more it felt right to say, and the less embarrassing it got.

EagleHeart paused in thought as he sat there. He wondered if he made the right decision but quickly deciding he did. He really liked viney. He took a deep breath as he watched the she-cat entwine their tail. She started and responded by doing it back. He was still embarrassed but he puffed out his fluffy chest for self encouragement. He had a somewhat dorky and nervous smile on his face as he blinked. "I-" He started speaking but stopped to listen. His face before a deep shade of red. He booped his nose to hers lightly and slightly playfully. His ears twitched as he heard VineThistle get to his question before him. He let out a small bit of breath and his head slowly began to move in a nod. "Y-Y-Yes. I-I would like that very much!" At the start of his sentence he was looking down but then looked up toward her near the end. "I-I would l-love to be m-mates with you V-VineTh-Thistle." He concluded as he looked at her with a gentle and affectionate gaze.

These two are in- :icondawn-of-warriors:

These are snippets from our roleplay! <3 


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