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My warrior cat OC's need love.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Caitlyn/Female/Bisexual/Taken by an adorable bunolf named Raven and Kali, the bundron.

Underfell sans is my baby. He is my child that I must protect. In other words, I love underfell sans!

Favorite deviants:

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I am in a poly relationship with my girlfriend Kali and boyfriend Raven.

FREE AV Rose Red by Sophibelle Steampunk Chain Divider #3 by Gasara FREE AV Rose Red by Sophibelle

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My bae: Accidental-Strix
BFF: Shameless-Serenity
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Instagram: rave_galaxy
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I have: Thalassophobia and tokophobia

I like septiplier, warrior cats, hollywood undead, my chemical romance, my little pony, paramore, pierce the veil, black veil brides, panic! at the disco, fall out boy, twenty one pilots, lapidot, equal rights, muse, System of a down, evil things, and a ton of other shit i can't name at this current moment. But there, I do not dislike many things so yeah.

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So... he a changing
Im not counting that thing as a background. 
Sue me.

He got:
-Pudge ears
-Horn stubs

Horn stubs (2 months)…

Pudge ears (120 wyns, and 3 animations of the gro)………

1 bust = 1 wyn 

Wyngro gifts
Enjoy my dump of children.


Yerin- Taeqii

Melody- Kyttias

Vitani- Kqttii

Stipple- UsaHunnyBunny

Meiloo- horseg27

Lucifer- TheMysteriousVampire

Phis- Accidental-Strix

Butter- subwooferz

Spencer- Lorespinner

Predator- Hexitics


//Deep inhale.//


Fullbody x 10= 20 wyns
Gift art x 10= 10 wyns
total: 30 wyns

30/126 wyns
(ANIMATION) What in the world-
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Next > Soon


As Axelice walked into the room Hades called his bedroom he looked ahead and shock filled his expression when he saw what was laying right in front of him.  "Hades- Look man I... Oh my goodness...What the heck-"


Axelice covered his mouth in shock at the large red wyngro before him. "What? When? How why?" His mind raced. What happened to his little red trouble maker? He gulped and noticed a small black ripped collar on the floor.  He heard a stirring in front of him.

Hades eyes blinked open to see the aqua wyngro standing in front of his bed. Rage immediately, despite being tired, coursed through his veins. 

Hades sat up and yelled loudly, though his voice sounded slightly off. His arms had gotten smaller, or bigger? He examined them before he sat up and noticed how elongated his body was. "Wha- What? WHAT IN THE F*CKING WORLD!" Hades screeched and got up. He fell over once before growling and running eventually to look in a mirror. "No, no no no no no!!!" Hades stared in confusion and anger at what he saw staring back at him. "I can't be  a biped. I wanted to be quad. My dreams. No..." As a wyngling Hades had always dreamed of being the badass quad of all time. How could this happen. Hades ran his claws along his face. 

Axelice watched Hades bolt from the room. He sighed heavily and looked at the collar on the ground. His walked over and picked it up. Examining it and thinking to himself. This was the gift Phis, his friend, had given him right? He sat on Hades bed and looked at it further. 

Hades sighed and lowered his head in the mirror as he held a defeated look. His ears drooped in disappointment. "I guess this is how I look now. No changing it..." He kicked something hard and it went flying. "Fuck. I can;t believe this." He slowly walked from the mirror and went back to his room where he noticed Axelice. On his bed. With his- collar. Hades felt around his neck frantically and growled loudly. "Thief! Drop that immediately!" 

Axelice felt chills run down his spine in fear as he head the paw-steps get closer. He tightened his grip on the collar and gulped. "Wait it's no-" Hades grabbed him hard by the neck and snatched the collar. Axel choked and gasped for breath as he felt the tight claws wrap around hi throat. He gripped Hades arm and hand begging for air.  Hades ice cold stare pierced Axelice.

Hades held Axel with one arm, he didn't like him. All he felt was pure hatred and without thinking he reeled back his other arm and punched Axelice right in the face. Hard. Axelice fell. He regained some oxygen but all he did was look at Hades from the floor, terrified of the Wyngro he had once looked up to. 

Hades next words were from the deepest parts of him. His speech deep and aggressive. "If you come near me again, I will kill you." 

Axel was done, he ran off, petrified and in immense pain. He couldn't believe what Hades had become. This was, his worst nightmare.

As Axelice held his left eye with his right paw he sighed as tears fell down his cheeks. He reached a part of the nook he knew his friend Celabon would be and carefully made his way up to her. He lowered his arm and hugged her without a word.

"What happened to your eye?" She asked, her tone quick and concerned. 

"Hades doesn't love me anymore." He asked holding her tight. He didn't care if it bothered her or not. He needed a hug.

3 frames <3


Follbody: 1 wyn
Bust: 1 wyn
Story: 1 wyn
Background: 1 wyn
Total = 4/96 Wyns 


I own Hades and Axelice. <3
Celabon is owned by IronSlate 
(ANIMATION) I can't fix this.
Previous part in the story >…
Next> (soon) 

Axelice was sitting at the rattle's rest, he hadn't ordered a drink but sat alone by himself in silence. What was wrong with him? Why didn't he just give Hades a piece of his mind? He sighed and glanced at the table he was at and gripped both sides of his head with his hands. He growled to himself. He closed his eyes as he thought about how Hades must feel after receiving that letter from his mom. Axel took a deep breath as his tail swayed from behind him and looked up at the beverage options. "Hey can I get cheep's stuff?" he asked Ash as he sat where he was. And before he knew it Axelice downed two of them. The sap was something he had never tasted before but it was really sweet. He shuddered, he would have never dreamed of drinking this stuff but he didn't care at all right now. He just wanted to forget everything. He asked for another and decided that would be his last. As the sap ran down his throat he glanced around at gro's that filled the rattles rest. Nobody, in particular, caught his eye and he put his drink down. His eyes started to flutter uncontrollably. His eyes felt heavy and his vision became slightly distorted and a bit blurry. "Wh-Wha..." Axelice stood up but almost fell over. He thought it best not to move. He placed an arm on the table and he growled before he rest his head on his  right arm. He zoned out as his eyes continued to open and close. "Ah..." Axelice's eyes shut before he fell onto the rattle rest floor. Ash kicked him slightly. "Yo, man you need to get out." Axelice put a paw to his head before his eyes closed again and before he knew it he was out the door. "Come back when ya feel better." Ash called before going back inside to tend to other customers. "Ughh..." Axelice sighed and looked at where he was. 

Axelice was having trouble, even sappy forgetting Hades and when he finally got to the nook he passed out once more, at the door. Alma found him the next morning and brought him inside since Axelice had nowhere else to go. Alma had always known Axelice as a good kid as well, though he had to admit for the most part some of the time before he grew up he was a bit of a suck up to her to get on her good side to go play fight or train fighting with Hades, his best friend, his brother figure since he was a hatchling. Alma put Axel to bed quickly before caring for the rest of the wynglings in the nook. Before she left he whispered. "Thank you... mama...for everything you have ever done for me. You are one of the best people in my life..." and then, he was out like a light for the rest of the night. 

When he woke up in the morning his head was pounding and he had a headache. "That was such a dumb idea..." One foot was place in front of the other carefully as to make sure he wouldn't fall. "I'm not doing that again, at least not for a while."I wanna see if Hades is doing any better. Best not wake him up though..." 

As Axelice walked into the room Hades called his bedroom he looked ahead and shock filled his expression when he saw what was laying right in front of him.  "Hades- Look man I... Oh my goodness...What the heck-"des called his bedroom he looked ahead and shock filled his expression when he saw what was laying right in front of him.  "Hades- Look man I... Oh my goodness...What the heck-"


5-6 frames <3


Bust: 1 wyn
Story: 1 wyn
Background: 1 wyn
Total = 3/92 Wyns 


I own Hades and Axelice. <3


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